Hydraulic and pneumatic fittings in the sector since 1987, our company is using his experience and quality with the latest technology and industry leader in the summit was reached.

Our Quality Policy


Fer-ro is aware of the conditions of competition as long as it is engaged in the manufacture of all the components used in hydraulic systems in the hydraulic industry , machinery and automotive industry, it has determined to meet its customers ' demands and expectations at the highest quality level as soon as possible and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in

Fer-ro continuously trains its employees to meet the quality management system and customer expectations of hydraulic employees.

Fer-ro evaluates its suppliers for the materials and services it has purchased and contributes to the development of its suppliers together with itself. Thus, it aims to establish mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers.

Fer-ro agrees to comply with the laws and regulations while providing the conditions of the hydraulic quality management system.

Fer-ro is committed to continuously improving its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the hydraulic quality management system.

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